Great Advantages Of Having an Ice Maker At Home

5 main advantages of having portable ice maker at your home - Benefits of portable ice maker

A growing amount of household and business establishments are already realizing the need for a portable ice maker.

Why? Because it’s just damn too useful!

Although people are still using traditional coolers to get their beverages and food cold, it’s high-time you start investing in an ice maker! If you’re still on the fence about replacing your old cooler with a state-of-the-art ice maker, reading this article may help you decide. These are 4 advantages of having an ice maker.

Ice Makers Has Replaced The Freezers And Coolers

Traditional coolers are simply not enough over Portable Ice Maker

Freezer and cooler have been around for a long time that they are now considered as necessities in producing ice for drinks and chilling food. But there are times that these appliances fall short from our expectations.

Most freezers and coolers do not only contain ice. They also contain other food articles.

This makes it difficult to make as many ice cubes as you like because there will be less room for storage.

Aside from that, there can be a possibility of contamination or unpleasant taste in your ice since some enzymes or juices from other food may accidentally mix with the ice.

The other thing to consider is accessibility. With many foods in the way, you may have to rummage first before getting those ice cubes that you prepared since last night.

What if there is an occasion going on or you are really thirsty? It will surely be a hassle.

Advantages Of Portable Ice Maker

So why choose an ice maker over other ice-producing machines? Well, there are 4 main reasons:

Portable Ice Makers Are Lightweight and Handy

Portable Ice Maker is lightweight and handy - Advantage of Portable Ice Maker

A portable ice maker has an average of 20-31 lbs and dimensions not greater than 15 inches. This machine is a space saver whether sitting on a countertop or in a vehicle compartment with your other things.

From the name itself, a portable ice maker can be carried everywhere you want to enjoy a nice cold drink. All you need are tap or bottled water and a power outlet available for this machine to produce ice.

Since this machine is portable, there is no need for a trip to and from the house to just get ice cubes for chilling drinks and foods. This prevents unnecessary mess or accidents caused by water drippings on floors or any surface.

Portable Ice Makers Can Easily Be Carried to Every Place and Occasion

Portable Ice Maker is compact and space saver - Advantages of Portable Ice maker

Because of its portability, this machine is a favorite during camping trips, parties, outdoor activities, and in every opportunity to enjoy a cool drink. Unlike in a non-portable ice maker, there is no need for drainage system.

You’ll just pour clean water in the machine’s water compartment to have your ice cubes in 10 minutes.

It is eco-friendly because it reuses the melted water you put in the compartment and turns it into ice again!

If the ice melts, the machine will just refreeze it. In terms of appearance, many portable ice makers are designed to look compact and come in neutral colors.

This makes the machine look sleek and adaptable in any place and event.

Portable Ice Makers are User-Friendly

Most portable appliances have minimal buttons and user-friendly setting – and a portable ice maker is not an exemption. Standard portable ice makers have only 3 buttons to operate. There is also a LED indicator to signal when there is a need for water refill.

Since portable ice makers are resistant to rust, maintaining and cleaning this machine is easy.

You will only need a cleaning solution or a homemade vinegar solution and a soft rag to get rid of dirt and any mineral deposits.

Just follow a set of simple steps in maintaining this machine and your ice maker will have a longer life.

Portable Ice Maker Can Save Your Dollars

Portable Ice Maker give you advantage of saving money on maintenance and repairing

The average price of a freezer ranges from $200 upwards while a cooler costs from $200-900.

Although portable ice makers only cost upwards of $300 because they’re…portable. They’re small so they don’t cost much!

As for electricity consumption, ice makers actually consume a bit of electricity since freezing water needs a lot of energy, although newer models have improved in terms of efficiency since 2012.

Its maintenance is a lot cheaper since you just need a cleaning and sanitizing solution and a soft cloth for to wipe the inside dirt away.

Repair is relatively easier and cheaper as well and in most cases requires only simple steps to troubleshoot most common issues.

Portable Ice Maker Produces Ice In 10 Mins

Portable Ice Maker saves time in producing ice - Advantage of Portable Ice Maker

A portable ice maker can produce ice in as fast as 10 minutes and an average of 35 lbs. of ice in 24 hours. Another unique feature of this machine is its nugget-shaped ice cubes.

As compared to their cube-shaped ice cubes from ice trays, nugget-shaped cubes produced by a portable ice maker only needs a simple tap for it to loosen from being stored in a freezer for future use.

Portable ice maker can also produce varying ice cube sizes for different drinks that you will prepare.

Portable Ice Makers Are Compact And Space Savvy

You will notice that appliances are getting increasingly smaller and compact to adapt to the functionalist lifestyle that many people lead. Amid these throngs of appliances, the portable ice maker embodies the concept of simplistic but functional way to refresh oneself – whether by quenching your thirst or for chilling food.

So, it comes with no surprise that this machine will eventually be one of the must-haves in households and food establishments.

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